We are an non-owner-operate creative practice, established to investigate the boundaries between creative disciplines. Schwarzmaler’s work focuses on the artfully innovative solution finding approach for projects at the intersection of design and art on the local and global scale. The collaborative practice blends creative competences ranging from contemporary art, to typography and illustration – A set up that spawns a curious field of tension, from which a unique style has been developed. A signature that breathes from innovation, quality and aesthetics and captivates with a highly qualitative and detailed realization. Our work infatuates through a strong skillset of artistic expertise and an affluent, globally spread client portfolio. Whether it is a new logo design, the strategic brand development or the conceptualization and realization of a gigantic mural – we do not limit ourselves in scales of visualizations and concepts.

Main Focus

Collaboratively working in between artistic disciplines, creating unique solutions with a high memorability. We are driven by our specialization in contemporary art, typography and illustration. Being in constant conversation amidst those three segments enables us to foster new approaches and insights towards the solution finding of conceptual projects in the art but also commercial market.


Three internationally acclaimed artists form the core of our creative-team. Every artist has its own talent and signature. The collaborations accelerate revolutionary, often surprisingly new outcomes without losing their authentic, memorable style and language.
A comprehensiveness and depth of an individual’s artistic craft, embellished with the benefit of a collective that is used to work in constant exchange throughout the intimate creation process and therewith constantly progresses the complexity and detail of the final outcome.

Pascal Flühmann | KKADE

KKADE works as independent graphic designer since 2011. Detailed, sensitive and meticulously elaborated typographical illustrations build the base of his core competences. His style demands a generous portion of patience, endurance and fastidious craft. Techniques blend the tradition of Swiss graphic design and typography with elements rooting in the Art Deco epoch, merged with symbolism that derives from the West Coast Tattoo culture. Reference projects range from US to Australian clients. Whilst KKADE also belongs to infamous Californian artist- and streetwear collective “The Seventh Letter”. 

Remo Lienhard | WES21

WES21 graduated from the Newschool for Art & Design in Biel as a contemporary artist. His paintings are a modern re-interpretation of traditional artistry, which he skillfully manipulates by means of acryl- and spray paint as well as other experimental media. His particular visual language creates fancifully pictorial worlds, to be categorized as “scientific surrealism”. WES21 questions ecological, cultural and philosophical contemporary concepts which he uniquely translates into visuals that make the curious analysis on the now and then tangible. A body of work which has been exhibited in galleries around the globe.

Onur Dinc | ONUR

ONUR lives and works in Berlin as an independent artist. His work preferably relies on acrylic rolls and paintbrushes. He masters experiments with UV-light sensitive paint, which has an astonishing effect on vast-scale surfaces, such as exterior building facades. His photorealistic images are characterized by a one color only paint, applied to a predefined area - A method to compose new levels and depths, while assembling matt and shiny surfaces within one tonality. The interplay of various finishes and tones is dependent on light and perspective. A state that produces momentary effects, forges new discoveries of details and let’s one rediscover the experience of a painting.


We emphasis personal consultation on the orchestrated eyelevel. Our communication and administration team’s driven by the holistic and collaborative concept finding approach without losing the project’s goal and vision. A creative process that guarantees a smooth journey from project development, to art concept creation and realization and final roll-out.


Diversity and global scale of our projects accumulated and realized throughout the past 10 years have helped us to establish an ample pool of creative specialists and talents with whom we created our stories based on work, and friendship. From musicians, to illustrators or interior designers – our wide and loyal network in the creative industry helps us to customize projects according to client’s needs and simultaneously influences our progressive, continuous learning internally.


The traditional art of graffiti belongs to the diversity of Schwarzmaler’s art resources. For further information and visuals visit the collective’s and artist’s Instagram page.